NYC Considers Turning Empty Public Housing Apartments into Boiler Rooms

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    New York City apartments that might be turned into boiler rooms. These apartments were once used as public housing, but now they are empty, which is a rare thing for apartments in New York. The reason the new boiler rooms are needed has to do with the damage that was caused by Hurricane Sandy. By moving boiler rooms into vacant apartments instead of basements, they will face less risk of flooding. Many boiler rooms did flood during the storm, leaving many residents and businesses with no heat for a very long time. During the winter months, this had a lot of impact.

    Since there are so many New York City apartments currently sitting vacant, it might very well be an excellent idea to use them for precisely this purpose. After all, many of the ones that were flooded during the storm were flooded all the way to the ceiling. To make matters worse, Zone A – which is considered the most prone to this type of flooding, has some 45,000 residents in it in no less than 26 public housing developments. Even though some tenants may have to be relocated in order to facilitate some of the changes that are being proposed, many of them are still open to the idea.

    That is a pretty amazing thing, especially when you consider the fact that some New York City Apartments are occupied by residents that need to live on lower floors (where the boilers would theoretically be located) because of certain disabilities they have. Therefore, other options are also reportedly being considered by the housing authority, including the installation of additional utility plants near those housing developments. In any event, something definitely needs to be done, because Hurricane Sandy caused more than $700 million dollars worth of damages. Therefore, certain steps will have to be taken to ensure that in the inevitable event of future flooding, the damage is minimized.

    As you can see, though some of the apartments in New York which are being considered for re-purposing as boiler rooms are already vacant, not all of them are. Though the city would obviously like to keep the relocation of tenants to as much of a minimum as possible, some of that may be inevitable in order to assure the best flood preparedness for everyone going forward. It is encouraging to know that so many residents seem to understand that.

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