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    Teaching, Learning, Leading: A Mount Holyoke College Summit on Education
    for K-12 and College Educators


    Welcome to the MHC Education Summit wiki web site, an interactive web site for the the Mount Holyoke College Summit on Education for faculty, alumnae and students. Hopefully this site will be the vehicle for continuing conversations about education after the Summit, which occurred October 10-12, 2008. Additionally, this wiki may be an example of various open source or free web 2.0 technologies that you may find useful in teaching. If you do not know what a wiki is, please view a short video on the topic.

    Share your current projects in the Project section or share your insights and thoughts on the Summit panel discussion Topics.

    Web Casts From the Summit Weekend

    Watch videos of the keynote speaker and discussion panels on the Web Casts page.

    You may also view larger versions of the images on the Alumnae Association photo gallery, as well as, on Flickr.

    Wiki Pages of Interest




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